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‘Afadhali come-we-stay,’Daddy Owen’s take on marriage 3 years after divorce.

In an interview, he stated that if he ever gets married again, he would prefer a low-key affair instead of an extravagant wedding.


Daddy Owen further explained that he has learned from his past mistakes, and he is not interested in putting himself under unnecessary pressure.He added that as a man, he does not look forward to weddings, and given a choice, he would choose to come-we-stay.


“I have learned my lessons,” he said. “If I ever do a wedding again, it will be a low key affair. Given a chance, I would choose to come-we-stay. We don’t look forward to weddings as men,” Daddy Owen said.


The gospel singer, who is currently not dating anyone, has been under pressure from his mother and friends to get married again.


However, he is hesitant to jump into another marriage too quickly, admitting that he is still afraid he might not make the best decisions.


“She (my mother) tells me to hire someone just to stop walking alone at home. She is worried that I live alone, I walk alone,” he said.


Moreover, Daddy Owen shared that he is still grappling with the aftermath of his failed marriage, and he fears making the wrong decisions in future relationships.He has also disclosed that his previous marriage left him feeling distressed and struggling with his mental health.


Despite his negative experience with his first marriage, Daddy Owen has remained committed to helping others.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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