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Akothee opens up about Swiss ex-husband ‘Omosh’, denies he is Pakistan.

Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has slammed Kenyans who have speculated about her relationship with Dennis Schweizer, whom she married in a colorful ceremony.


Akothee has asked rumor spreaders to find something else to do, denying that Omosh is from Pakistan as previously reported.


For the first time since the separation rumour began, Akothee has confirmed that Omosh was born and raised in Switzerland, and that she has met his mother, a single mother.


“Dennis Eduard Schweizer was born & raised in Switzerland Bern in 1988, Pakistan ni wewe na njaa ya kwenu. His mother and family live in Switzerland, I have met all his family members and his mother is such a sweet beautiful single mother . I named my husband Mr Omosh to protect him from online rubbish before I introduced him online. Now that he is no longer online and you guys cooked your own things ,went and deleted his social media accounts. I ask you to keep off my private life . My marriage is off line and will never appear anywhere not in interviews nor mentions you deserve no clarification of what happened where,” a bullish Akothee hit back.


She warned that in the future, she will not entertain any discussion about her marriage and threatened to confront anyone who asks questions.


Speculation about Akothee’s marriage began when she asked Kenyans to respect her space because she has been through a lot recently.Akothee claims that Omosh’s social media accounts were also deleted by malicious people.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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