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Alikiba’s estranged Kenyan wife fires back after Diamond exposes their alleged affair.

Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba’s beef took an ugly turn as the former claimed he had a fling with the latter’s wife.Alikiba and Diamond recently reignited their unending beef but this time round their rivalry has culminated in a brutal bare-knuckle fight.


However, it all started when Diamond was accused of sampling beats from Nigerian artistes and Alikiba used the opportunity to roast him.The two musicians have since been exchanging salvos on social media. The latest jibe saw Alikiba slamming Diamond over his vocals.


In a quick rejoinder, Diamond hit back at Alikiba wondering how he had the guts to ‘advise’ him on matters music. The Wasafi boss claimed his music was 20 times better than his rival.


Simba further bragged that he was better than Alikiba in all aspects of music, noting that he has more music sales than his rival, more awards, more followers, subscribers, listeners etc than his adversary.


“Asa malkia we umewekeza kwenye production gani wakati video yangu moja ni sawa na video zako 20. Audio yangu moja ni sawa na audio zako 20. Tatizo unaokaa nao hawakwambii ukweli, wanakudanganya na ndio maana nimekukuta kwenye muziki na nimekupita kila kitu, kimauzo, kituzo, kifollowers, subscribers, viewers, listeners, ki bi za show, kimaendeleo, kiufupi kila kitu,” Diamond wrote on InstaStories in part.


Diamond also noted that Alikiba has been in the music industry for nearly 20 years yet he has never expanded his reach beyond East Africa, only performing in the region and not beyond.The Wasafi boss also claimed that Alikiba had failed as a musician because he lied to himself that he has good vocals.


“Miaka karibu ishirini kwenye muziki lakini hadi leo barani Africa umeishia kufanya show East Africa tu, tena East Africa yenyewe kuna nchi haujawahi kufanya show. Halafu hio tabia ya kujidanganya ti unavocal ndio inakufelisha maana w sio vocalist, we ni mbana pua vocalist ni mtu kama Barnabam Damian Soul, kawasikilize,” Diamond added.

Diamond additionally told Alikiba that he even had an affair with his estranged Kenyan wife Amina Khalef and that reports about their fling had been reported to him.The Wasafi singer bragged that he was also a better playboy than Alikiba, citing his alleged affair with Amina.


“Kebebes usiongee maana habari yangu hadi na Amina nazani unayo,” Diamond wrote.


Amina hit back at Diamond in a quick rejoinder. She dismissed his allegation as absurd, malicious and ultimately weird.


“It is absurd, malicious and ultimately weird involving innocent humans in conflicts/grudges. I CONDEMN HIGH LEVEL OF DISRESPECT on women. Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? HUMAN DECENCY IS INVIOLABLE!!!” Amina wrote on her official Instagram account @aileenalora.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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