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“Alikua amewekwa na Dubai lady” ,Milly sheds light on hubby’s ex-trauma.

In a recent disclosure, Milly WaJesus, spouse of renowned content creator Kabi WaJesus, delved into their marital dynamics, unveiling insights into her husband’s past relationships and their repercussions.

The couple divulged details about their previous romantic involvements in a video shared by Oga Obinna on April 8.

During the interview, Milly discussed her occasional feelings of insecurity concerning her husband since their union.

While acknowledging experiencing insecurity only once during their courtship, Milly recounted a specific incident involving one of Kabi’s former partners that left her unsettled.

“I’ve doubted him during our dating. So most of the new believers who converted because of Kabi were his exes,” she disclosed.

Milly narrated how a former girlfriend of Kabi’s would frequently call him, igniting feelings of uncertainty and unease within her.

“It reached a point where I began asking him if they dated, and he confirmed they did, just for two days, while he was in Dubai. There was always some story until I told him to stop preaching to girls.

“Especially the one from Dubai. She used to call and tell him about her struggles, and I was like, why are you talking to this girl so much? So he gave me a background of their relationship,” she recounted.

Upon probing Kabi about their relationship, Milly discovered that the ex-girlfriend had even financially supported Kabi during their dating period, unbeknownst to her at the time.

“Apparently, when they were dating, she had bought Kabi a house. They were dating from afar, and she was paying for his accommodation. He never told me that story. One day, we were walking downtown, and we met her at the mall, and I began to feel uncomfortable. Turns out it was that chick,” she revealed.

This revelation prompted Milly to ponder on Kabi’s past relationships and their potential emotional impact on him.

Milly expressed her belief that Kabi is haunted by his past experiences with ex-partners, citing his tendency to cut off all communication with them as evidence of this trauma.

In contrast, Milly disclosed that she maintains friendships with some of her exes, illustrating a disparity in their approaches to past relationships.

“I think Kabi is traumatized by his exes. I am friends with three of my exes,” she added.

Kabi shared that before marrying, there was a period when he would dream about a girl and pray in his dreams.

He mentioned feeling deeply affected by past family issues during childhood.

“Before I got married, there were times I dreamt of a girl and would pray in my dreams. I was deeply traumatized by family issues as a child,” he disclosed.

He expressed his belief that sex is not merely physical but also spiritual, underscoring the importance of acknowledging its spiritual implications.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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