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‘Anakula fare,’ Rose Muhando denies missing planned crusades accusations.

Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando responds to grave accusations that she is a con artist who never shows up for planned crusades.The gospel singer vehemently denied it on her Instagram page after Kenyans demanded she confirm or deny the accusations.


“@ellydavid1 Whoever is complaining that he was not paid for his money should come here with evidence, truly once you become famous you will come across everything, and if I would have joined and said that who and who oppressed me would pity me, congratulations to you for your good songs”


She also reacted to another fan
“@galinacarolina sio kweli mpnz, waende kwenye vyombo vya sheria”


A third comment from Muhando read
“@ingabireclarissa we unaushahidi gan kwamba nakula ela ya watu, wamekupatia evidence, hakuna mtu ataliwa pesa zake asiende kwa sheria, Usipende kusikiliza maneno ya uongo, watu wanapenda sana mitandao hivyo kuwa makini sana”


On Monday, Dec 4, a gospel artiste/pastor Ali Mukhwana came out to publicly accuse Muhando of the ‘kula fare’ habit.She failed to show up for a crusade in Bungoma.


“We asked her to confirm if she is free on those dates so that we book her. She said Yes, kwanza she gave me two minutes to check her calendar to be sure, before responding.Nikawambia Bwana asifiwe. then I told her I would give out your phone to the Pastors. She informed us that to appear in a crusade, she needs fare.


….She told us her rate card is sh200,000 and we have to give her a booking fee of sh50,000. And because we needed her, we agreed to her rate card. Posters were made and fans were notified.”


Mukhwana alleged that after he shared the poster, five other individuals came forward to warn him that she wouldn’t turn up.


“That she had booked five crusades in Soi, Mariakani, Voi, Kilifiand Likoni on the same day. I got worried about this”


Mukhwana reached out to Muhando to find out if this information was true


“I asked her if she was going to come to my crusade or not. I reminded her we had paid the fare and met all her other demands. She said those other posters were by individuals who just wanted to use her photo to publicize their crusades. I said sawa.”


But Mukhwana was not convinced and reached out to the other Pastors who warned him that Rose Muhando eats fare.

“Each of them had paid Rose Muhando sh200k ”


Muhando however sweet talked him, telling him to ignore rumor mongers.

“Unajua venye waTanzania wana ulimi mzuri. Aliongea ni kama anatoka mbinguni. She told me Kaka have no worries.”


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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