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Are you following your diet trends?Check out why you should be careful about it.

In pursuit of a healthy body and fitness, Kenyans look to their diet, fitness or sometimes, surgery, to attain their goal weight.The long-term implications of different regimens are hardly considered. In an interview on dubbed, ‘Weight management: Diet, fitness or surgery’ with three experts sharing the pros and cons of each method.

For those looking to lose weight, a wide variety of diets have been touted as being able to help one achieve their goal. One of the common diets is the keto diet, in which one avoids carbohydrates, and instead focuses on eating proteins and healthy fats.

However, nutritionist and dietitian, Esther Ateka, advised against blindly following diets such as keto, saying that when the body goes into ketosis, a process whereby the body burns stored fat for energy instead of blood sugar, it can lead to overworking of the body and affect normal functioning.

On fitness, trainer Isaac Hunja explained that one should aim for at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, as advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).He added that although diet makes the bulk of whether a weight management project is successful, exercise is important to build overall fitness and health in the long-run.

On the matter of surgery, cosmetic surgeon, Dr Tilman Stasch, said that cosmetic surgery is a personal choice and that not everyone is an ideal candidate.

However, if upon analysis one makes a good candidate for surgery, it is encouraged that one lives a healthy lifestyle and keeps fit as one can regain weight even after surgery if he/she does not live a healthy life.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.



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