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“Avoid social media, ” Pastor JJ calls out gospel singers after Mary Lincolns expose.

Controversial Pastor JJ has told gospel singers not to be too social.The topic of popular gospel ministers being outed online has been popular in the past few weeks.


Pastor JJ said that they were the ones who shared too much information about their private lives online.Instead of using the media to engage in pointless conversations with strangers, he counselled them to use it responsibly.
“You post everything on Facebook, when someone hurts your, you post, when you give birth, you post,” he said.


JJ further said that despite travelling around the world he has never told people about it.
“You are giving yourselves to the devil by exposing your lives too much. You are doing much damage to yourselves…You are provoking unnecessary jealousy,” he said.


He then described social media spaces as a world of ghosts…”You don’t even know each other but your fans know every detail about you,” he said.


JJ spoke a few days after Kikuyu gospel singer Mary Lincoln was prayed for after viral nude photos of her emerged online.Lincoln who is the second wife of popular radio presenter Njogu wa Njorogewas being prayed for by philanthropist and singer Karangu wa Muraya.


Karangu was also alleged to have taken a popular female actress, Nyambura, on a holiday to Dubai.
“We went to the Christian Foundation Fellowship Church for a repentance and forgiveness prayer. Our God is merciful and offers those who repent a second chance to resume service to him,” she wrote.


The popular gospel singer added that she has a renewed energy to continue ministering and spreading the gospel of the “forgiving God”.


On the other hand, Karangu thanked their fans for holding their hands when they were being blasted online.Lincoln’s images were shared by an online blogger, Martha Hinga, who has been exposing scandals about Kikuyu gospel singers.Though few weeks ago, the mother of three said when she got married to the radio personality and haters launched various accusations on social media.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa


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