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Career gone wrong! Meet former Bahati signee Peter Blessing now working as a watchman.

Upcoming gospel artist Peter Blessing is now working as a watchman. The young lad has gone back to his former job after things with his former boss Bahati became strained.Speaking during an interview,Blessing hopes to get the right people to support his music come back.


“I had a challenge in music. You cannot go telling everyone you have a problem or begging from friends so you have to get something so that you do not sleep hungry,” he said.


Blessing says it was not easy going back to his former job, after a stint of fame and interaction with big names in the music industry.

“It was not easy going back to my former job. I reached a point that was not easy. Some people see me and wonder whether it is me (doing this job),” he added.


However,his downward spiral started after he started having issues with Bahati who had signed him under his music label. Bahati alleged Blessing owed him Sh 2 million something that landed him in jail.Producer Paulo was accused of stealing equipment from Bahati’s studio while Peter Blessing was arrested for allegedly stealing Sh 2 million from the singer.


Additionally,the young man confessed Bahati and Weezdom had put him through a lot but still he would work with them for the sake of their brotherhood.


“I would still work with them. They are my brothers. They took me from being a soldier to an artiste… I respect Bahati and I have no problem with him,” Peter said.


Further adding;
“I might feel bad that I am out but only God knows my future. I am a Christian and it hurts but human beings make mistakes. I pray he forgives me if I have done anything wrong and I forgive him for what he has done to me.”


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.



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