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Comedian Professor Hamo Declares Interest In Politics, Vies For Nakuru Seat

More & more celebrities are venturing into politics amid the upcoming General elections this year. Some will succeed while some will not. It might be a little late for professor Hamo. But the funnyman has declared interest in vying for a seat in Nakuru East.

He has however, not specified whether he’s aiming at the gubernatorial seat, MCA or Senator. He posted his poster and captioned;

”Let’s take charge of our destiny”

Hamo’s move has received numerous reactions from netizens. Some have supported him while most believe he doesn’t have what it takes to clinch a seat in Parliament.

Hamo is not the only celebrity looking to go into the ballot this year. Jalang’o is contesting for the Langata Constituency seat in 2022. Xtian Dela is also vying for Westlands MP. These are among the few celebrities aiming at getting into Parliament.

The question is: Do you think Professor Hamo has what it takes?