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‘Denounce violence, embrace dialogue’ – Kindiki’s warning to Azimio coalition.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki has warned that demonstrators destroying property will be treated as terrorists.


Speaking while at Matiru Catholic Church in Embu County during a church service, Kindiki said the opposition has a right to differ with some government policies but warned that some “terrorists” have hidden in the political world.


He said nobody will be spared since the government will not any long condone any form of violence, destruction of property or causing mayhem to Kenyans in the form of politics.


“As the government, we will not allow any person to use politics as an excuse to destroy property,” warned Kindiki.


The CS condemned destructions that were witnessed in the past few weeks during anti-government protests saying such will not be allowed in future.


However, the CS distanced himself from the dialogue issue saying he was not a politician but an administrator and urged politicians to denounce politics of deceit.


“Those who are hidden behind political rights to destroy property will not be allowed, we must denounce violence,” Kindiki said.


Additionally, Embu governor Cecily Mbarire said dialogue was a good move but they won’t allow any form of handshake.

“As UDA (United Democratic Alliance) we are not for a handshake. If it’s greetings let them wave on the air and that is enough,” she said.


She further said the handshake made former President Uhuru Kenyatta not deliver the promises in his manifesto.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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