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Diana Bahati breaks silence, throws in witty post amidst public backlash.

Content creator Diana Marua has decided to confront the recent storm of criticism head-on after a manipulated family portrait went viral, causing public outrage.


Rather than succumbing to dismay, Diana has cleverly turned the situation to her advantage, harnessing the attention for her benefit.Adding a bit of playfulness, the mother of three countered her critics through an Instagram post on August 22.


“How can you look at me and not want to talk about me? Feel free to leave your footprint over here.” she wrote.


What initially appeared to be an innocent family portrait took a bizarre turn when a photoshopped version started circulating.This manipulated image featured prominent male celebrities, insinuating a connection to Diana’s children.


Among the celebrities implicated, Kenyan footballer Victor Wanyama drew significant attention, as he was portrayed in the altered image alongside the couple’s adopted son, Morgan Bahati.


Wanyama promptly addressed these rumors, issuing a stern warning against the ongoing speculations.Other notable figures, such as KRG The Don and Akothee, voiced their opinions on the matter, advising fans to respect the privacy of the Bahati family, particularly the children.


One photograph shared by Diana captured a heartfelt moment between her and her son Morgan.However, amidst the sea of positive comments and well-wishes, some individuals raised concerns about Diana’s attire in the photo, specifically her choice of a black dress.


Critics argued that this dress was inappropriate for a family photoshoot, citing potential discomfort for her son Morgan Bahati.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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