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Drama as Sonko and Kibe’s beef gets personal with family dragged in.

Sonko and Kibe’s drama takes personal turn, with Sonko dragging Kibe’s marriage into the mix.The feud between former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and YouTuber Andrew Kibe has taken a new turn, with Sonko dragging Kibe’s ex-wife into the mix.


The two have been engaged in a back and forth drama on social media, hurling insults at each other and causing quite a stir among their followers.The fiery exchange between the two personalities has been making waves for the past couple of days.


However, it all started when Andrew Kibe mentioned Mike Sonko in one of his YouTube videos, inviting him to join his live sessions and interact with the audience because now he seemed to have more time.Kibe’s invitation seemed to irk Sonko, who responded promptly, urging Kibe to refrain from mentioning his name and invading his private life.


In a direct message to Kibe, Sonko expressed his frustration over Kibe’s alleged attacks on Kenyan celebrities, particularly women.Sonko cited instances where Kibe targeted individuals like Bahati, Kamene Goro, Millicent Omanga, and Karen Nyamu, questioning the YouTuber’s approach and content creation.


“I have heard you. I’m not stupid. Keep off my private life. I am a brand to myself. I don’t need to show it off. Stop attacking women. The other day, you were attacking Bahati, a young man trying to earn a living. You attacked Kamene Goro, Millicent Omanga, and Karen Nyamu. What is wrong with you? You are full of gossip,” Sonko said in a video.


Sonko emphasized that he values his privacy and considers himself a brand, which doesn’t require public display.He condemned Kibe’s ‘gossip-filled’ approach and labeled him a ‘nobody,’ urging the content creator to respect others.


The former governor even offered employment to Kibe if he was desperate for views.


“Come and attack us while you are in the country. We will deal with you. Behave! If you are desperate for views, come I employ you,” Sonko added.


As the feud continues to escalate, Sonko took the battle to a personal level by mentioning Kibe’s marriage.In a tweet dated July 26, Sonko made a promise to his fans, stating that he will reveal the reason behind Kibe’s divorce from his ex-wife.


Referring to him as ‘her,’ Sonko accompanied the remarks with photos of Kibe and his ex -wife when they were still together.


“Mwanaume kuwa shoga ni kitu mbaya sana. Will tell you why this g*y divorced HER wife,” he wrote.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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