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Drama as Vera vs Shakilla’s feud intensifies as fans call for calm.

The feud between Vera Sidika and Shakilla Tiffany began on Friday, August 25 when the teen urged Vera to retire because she is old and needs to spend time with her family.Shakilla angered Vera who retorted that Shakilla’s body count was more than 100, thus Shakilla also shamed Vera for her backside


” At least mine natural and proportional ..not plastic” the 20-year-old slammed Vera.


Now a TBT of Vera and Shakilla back when they were besties is trending.The video shows the two smiling hard at the camera as Vera later turns to show off her behind.Shakilla tells the camera that she loves it and is blown away by it and compares it to her small one.The teen had visited Vera’s salon and spa for a massage in Mombasa.


This is amid a feud the two are currently engaged in a fight after Shakilla last week in an interview, told Vera to retire because she is old and tired.Vera did not take this lying down and responded by telling off the young girl.


However, this spiraled once again because Shakilla would not be shamed into submission.On her Instagram stories, Shakilla Sunday Aug 27, shared a picture of Vera.


A fan told Shakilla she was being childish for sharing Vera Sidika’s old face with darker skin.


“This fight is childish just leave her! chose peace” the person urged the teen.


Shakilla disagreed and shared why she was shaming Vera….”Swear ….she needs people like me to stay relevant she was long forgotten..anyway let her enjoy the few seconds of fame I gave her …I know she missed that”


Shakilla also shared a picture Vera took in the Dubai desert zooming in on Vera’s left hand showing off her engagement ring.

“Having all these a** bragging that she dined with the Kardashians and what not then ends up marrying a beach boy who gave her a fake diamond ring”


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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