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‘Ety kanachukia wigs,’ Karen Nyamu slams her ex for convincing her to stop wearing wigs.

Karen Nyamu expressed regret about how she stopped wearing wigs just to please her ex who told her he hated the hair covering.


Without making reference to her ex Samidoh, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) nominated senator shared an old clip showing her wearing a wig during a campaign trail and expressed regret for getting rid of the hair covering for the sake of her ex.

“This is a few years back at a political rally in mombasa. Kabla nikutane na ka mtu kakaniambia vile kanachukia wigs nikazitupa mbali hahaha wacha tu nicheke sababu siwezi lia,” Nyamu wrote.


Nyamu while responding to comments on her post said that she blindly followed her ex’s instructions to get rid of her wigs…A netizen commented on Karen Nyamu’s post …”Sema tu una miss (Just say you are missing him),” a netizen told Nyamu…..To which she replied; “Uzuri hajakufa (he is not dead).”


However, another netizen told Nyamu that she will just run back to her ex eventually….”Utarudi tuu utajirudisha mwenyewe (you will just go back to him),” the netizen commented…”Nkirudi uniite kang’ethe (I can’t go back),” Nyamu replied.


On the other hand,Karen Nyamu broke up with her baby daddy Mugithi star Samidoh alias Samuel Muchoki after the drama that happened in Dubai in December 2022.In an Instagram story post in December, Nyamu who had earlier engaged in a dramatic altercation with Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu, stated that she had made a ‘conscious’ decision to end things with her baby daddy.


The mother of three was quick to point out that her decision to publicly announce the breakup was fueled by the manner in which the drama was witnessed.

“Great and powerful women will attest that many times our weakest link is the men we get involved with. I am stopping the pattern. I have made a conscious decision to end for good my involvement with the father of my babies and now ex-Samidoh Muchoki,” Nyamu stated….”I know I could have called him and ended it quietly but I decided to make this as public as the drama and controversy have been. This had become a concern, especially with the position I hold as a member of the 4th senate,” she added.


At the same time, the first-time senator also affirmed that she was not embarrassed by what happened in Dubai.Nyamu stated that she has no regrets whatsoever about the drama that unfolded. She however promised never to involve herself in such drama ever again.

“You know guys I have no regrets from last night, I don’t wish I did things any differently. I however promise you that it is the last time your girl will ever be involved in a situation like that ever again,”
She added: “I am very fortunate to be bestowed upon me the honour and responsibility of leadership in the country. To be a people’s representative in parliament is an opportunity I treasure and take very seriously.”


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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