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Exes at odds,”Kwani hupendi kazi yako?” Nicah the Queen responds to Dr Ofweneke.

Gospel artist Nicah the Queen, who is also the ex-wife of Dr Ofweneke, has hit back at the presenter after he stated that he cannot be the master of ceremony (MC) at her upcoming wedding.


Nicah has asked her ex-husband to reveal his rate card so that she can hire him, while also questioning whether he really loves his job.She added that Ofweneke should attend her event to make everyone laugh and then retire to his wife after her ceremony.


“Someone ask Dr Ofweneke kwani hapendi kazi yake? Wee leta rate card wacha siasa ukuje utuchezeshe mimi na Slahver urudi kwa bibi yako jioni!” Nicah wrote.


However,Nicah made her statement just hours after Dr. Ofweneke said that he respects his current wife and therefore cannot attend his ex-wife’s wedding.


“I will not MC Nicah’s wedding because I am very much married which is something in the public and it will be disrespectful to my wife and I don’t think in any way that can be understood,” Ofweneke said.


Ofweneke also mentioned that Nicah’s current partner is a part of his children’s life, but clarified that he has no intentions of getting back together with Nicah, as he sees that chapter of his life as closed.However, he emphasized that the happiness of his daughters is important, and if Nicah is happy, then his daughters must be in a happy environment.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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