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From Badge to Bubbles: Ex-Cop’s Surprising Success Story with Goat Milk in Embu.

In a stunning career pivot, Ricky Nyaga, once patrolling the streets as a police officer, has traded his badge for a bar of soap, finding unexpected fortune in the soothing suds of natural goat milk. Nyaga’s transition from law enforcement to soap artisan has not only captured the imagination of the community but has also become a beacon of hope for those seeking unconventional paths to prosperity. Through his venture in the manufacturing of goat milk soaps, Nyaga has not only created a lucrative business but has also become a pillar of employment, directly employing 20 young individuals in Embu.


With a commitment to both quality and locality, Nyaga proudly declares that every ingredient in his goat milk soaps is sourced from the verdant lands of Embu. By harnessing the richness of the region’s resources, Nyaga not only ensures the superiority of his products but also champions the economic growth of his community. His dedication to supporting local suppliers not only strengthens the fabric of Embu’s economy but also fosters a sense of pride and ownership among its residents, propelling Nyaga’s venture to new heights.


Ricky Nyaga’s journey shines as a testament to resilience, ingenuity, and unwavering determination. His story serves as a reminder that success knows no bounds, and with courage and conviction, even the most unexpected dreams can blossom into reality. As Nyaga’s goat milk empire continues to flourish, his story remains an inspiration to all who dare to chase their passions and carve their own paths to success in the heart of Embu and beyond.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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