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Haina Content!! Pastor Ezekiel shades Moji Shot baba’s jam ‘Dance Ya Kanisa’

Kilifi-based church leader Pastor Ezekiel Odero has shared his displeasure with one of gospel artist Moji Short Baba’s songs citing that it has no Christian message and doesn’t serve the purpose of bringing people closer to God.


Pastor Ezekiel during his church service took out his mobile phone and shared with the congregation a video of Moji Short Baba’s song ‘Dance Ya Kanisa’ before going on to ask his congregation to help him understand what the message of the song exactly was.


He argued that the song lacked a powerful gospel message noting that the fact that it wasn’t rooted in God was the reason why it was not getting millions of viewers. Ezekiel added that people were not interested in such messages and mediocrity from gospel artists.


“Wazimu. Na mnataka Mungu asikie. Ukiangalia wale watu ambao wamewatch ‘Ameniweka Huru’ kweli ni ma millioni.


But hawa wa oyoyo, hakuna mtu akona haja na hizo vitu, because it is in the power of the voice. (Madness. And you expect God to listen to you. If you look at this who have watched the song ‘Ameniweka Huru’ are millions. But these noisy ones foy oyoyo, no one has an interest in that),” Ezekiel could be heard saying in his service.


Pastor Ezekiel’s sentiments sparked an online debate with most expressing that the youth should glorify God in whatever way they can as long as it was for His praise while others seemingly agreed with the controversial preacher who had issues with the law just a few months ago.


Below are a few comments from netizens;

bossmog:😂😂😂😂alionaje iyo song Kama ha watch such music 😂😂😂hii tabia ya wakristu kuhubiri wakristu niyaku Kera sana…

daggytryton:Hiyo song hata nayo haina content🤣🤣🤣🤣Aah, oyooyooo, inafunza nini sasa inawezafanya mtu aokoke?🤔

united_ronnie:Sasa mungu ataskia yako?? Huyu mzee apeleke huko

barasamainav: Hii ni chuki sio injili

maleek_.flacko:Hyo moji nayo si gospel ni hype song inataja kanisa

ykey_kenya:Youths should praise God in whatever way they wish

thee_tiggop: Lakini ameipromote au sio…😂🙌

_nelson_msafi_:Pastor hataki Uwongo kwa industry ama namna gani😂😂😂


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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