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‘Hakuna kungoja!’ Harmonize shares photos with beautiful babe after his breakup with Kajala.

Tanzanian artiste Harmonize has seemingly moved on barely a month after his dramatic breakup with Kajala.The singer uploaded a couple of flicks with a beautiful woman looking coupled up on an unidentified beach.


However, the lady who is seemingly having a good time with the the Konde Worldwide music label CEO has since been identified as Feza Kessy, and her social media handles show she is an upcoming artiste.


On his insta stories, Harmonize also uploaded another video while he’s doing her pedicure with a cheeky caption saying; “Love is a gamble.”…The two have however not clearly indicated they are dating and this could also be a clout-chasing tactic to release a new project together.


This follows his recent rant claiming that he was attracting a lot of attention from ladies who are increasingly crushing on him. He expressed disbelief at how women are ‘loving’ him nowadays through a post on InstaStories.

“Am conflicted on this.. Ladies, these days love me too much, is it that am getting too rich or getting too handsome?” Harmonize wrote.

After giving their relationship several chances and a proposal, Kajala and Harmonize broke up in early-December 2022.It all started when she deleted the singer’s photos from her Instagram account and stopped referring to herself as ‘wife and manager of Harmonize’ on her profile.Kajala later posted a temporary post on social media saying that she had been heartbroken, admitting that she deserved to be laughed at.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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