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Here’s why millions of football fanatics are angered with Qatar hosting the World Cup.

The World Cup is currently ongoing in Qatar to the disappointment of many.Qatar is the first Islamic State to host the World Cup and many were not pleased due to the strict Sharia laws that prohibit things among them alcohol and homosexuality.


Trouble started in 2010 when Qatar bid to host the World cup.There were allegations that the Muslim-based country had bribed FIFA officials to win hosting rights.Thus, Qatar won the bidding host but it did not have the infrastructure to sustain the crowd that would travel to Qatar to watch the World Cup.


UN International Labour organization however says 57 have died while 500 were severe injuries in 2020 alone, even though structures got completed spending 200 billion


However, Qatar is facing global scrutiny over its criminalization of homosexuality.Sexual acts of male homosexuality are illegal in Qatar, with a punishment of up to three years in prison and a fine and the possibility of a death penalty for Muslims under sharia law; however, there are no known cases where the death penalty was enforced for homosexuality.


It’s sad, Qatar is the first World Cup host to lose an opening game.It lost 2-0 to an energized Ecuador led by Enner Valencia, who netted two unanswered goals on a penalty kick and later a header.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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