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“ilikua showbiz tu!,” Amber Ray clarifies her relationship with Vera’s husband.

Socialite Amber Ray has spoken out about allegations that she dated Vera’s husband Brown Mauzo.A few years ago, the two were alleged to have dated after their pictures together went viral on social media.


While engaging her fans in a question and answer session on Instagram, Amber Ray, however, dismissed claims of dating Vera Sidika’s husband.
“Did you really date Mauzo or was it showbiz?” the fan asked.


In her response, Amber said nothing happened between her and Mauzo.
“It was showbiz, we never even kissed,” she said.


Earlier, her fellow socialite Vera Sidika denied allegations of ‘stealing’ the coast-born musician from her.
“My husband was single when I met him, I was also single. The woman (Amber Ray) has never had a relationship with him. It was just a business. We were dating while the kick was going on,” Vera said on Q&A.


Last week, the two socialites engaged in a war of words over their gender reveals.Vera accused Amber Ray of imitating her style of revealing the gender of her child, a claim that Rapudo’s girlfriend came forward to talk about and later denied.

“As a queen, I really like to encourage people to tell the truth, they also wanted to reveal the gender of your son by using a helicopter, until I uploaded mine and it trended for three days in the world.


After that, they had to find an alternative way because if they used a chopper it would look very natural that they imitated me,” Vera said on Instagram.


Vera continued to say that Amber hates her for calling her a bad person but at the same time, she is increasingly following her and wants to imitate everything she does.
“I have learned one thing that your enemies are your fans who don’t want to accept it.


However, there is nothing wrong in encouraging someone but it is good when that encouragement comes from a good place. And I do not apologize for this to be honest,” she said.


On her part, Amber said that the idea of ​​revealing the gender of the child is not that of any Kenyan but they all imitate it from one woman named Jenna Karvunidis who did it for the first time in 2008.She said that they all reveal the gender of their future children not to show people something but to satisfy themselves.

“We throw a party to have fun and not be the best style on the internet. My game is natural, my fame comes naturally… just like you did now.


…And being creative is fun not entertaining. Let your enjoyment be their entertainment… And stop me please!!!” the socialite replied.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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