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‘Ilikua ya kukata na shoka!’,Embu Governor and MP Light Up Ruracio Dance Floor!’.

In a dazzling display of community spirit, Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire and Runyenjes MP Hon Eric Muchangi Karemba illuminated the dance floor at Terry and Sam (Solar)’s Ruracio in Gicera village. Their presence added a touch of glamour and excitement to the traditional celebration, captivating the audience with their infectious energy and enthusiasm.


Draped in the rich hues of traditional mood, Governor Mbarire and MP Karemba mesmerized onlookers with their graceful movements and vibrant charisma. Their synchronized steps echoed the harmony of the occasion, embodying the unity and camaraderie that define Embu culture.

As the night unfolded in a symphony of laughter and joy, Terry and Sam (Solar), the radiant couple, basked in the warmth of their loved ones’ embrace. Surrounded by a tapestry of traditions and customs, their Ruracio symbolized the enduring bonds of family and community.


Against the backdrop of Gicera village, Governor Mbarire and MP Karemba’s presence lit up the night, casting a spotlight on the power of unity and togetherness. Their shared enthusiasm bridged political divides, uniting all those present in a celebration of love and friendship.


As the echoes of music faded into the night, the legacy of Terry and Sam (Solar)’s Ruracio endured—a testament to the indomitable spirit of Embu culture and the timeless bonds that bind us together.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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