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Inakaa tembelea kliniki iliyo karibu nawe – Ezra FBI’s new Sh5M house divides fans.


Celebrated FBI dancer and gospel singer, Ezra FBI, recently made headlines after revealing that he had constructed a house worth Sh5 million for his mother in Runyenjes, Embu County.


However, his announcement sparked controversy among fans who expressed doubt about the actual value of the house.


In an Instagram post, Ezra proudly shared, “Just finished building a house for my mum in the village.”


Ezra’s announcement of the house construction garnered significant attention from the media and his followers.


However, as images of the house circulated, fans expressed differing views on its appearance and estimated worth.


Fans questioned the house’s authenticity, throwing in remarks such as “Hii nyumba imechorwa ….not real,” suggesting that the house might have been hastily constructed or misrepresented.


Here are some of the reactions

keshy527 Mbona inakaa kama zile duka za ushago zenye hukuwa na kisiagi pia


onemufasa Mbona inakaa Tembelea kliniki iliyoko karibu nawe


pe_tyce Hii nyumba inakaa ya kitambo Sana, you can tell from the design and fascia boards…repainting ya thao tano ndio mnaita 5m


sh.ree346 Mamas deserve it without a doubt. Great job though the amount is bigger than the house


esther_muladi_luyera What he meant to say was, that he renovated his mother’s old house for 500k including gypsum and a new kitchen. we together?


makoribrian Aahhkk kumbe ni nyumba? Nilikuwa nafikiria ni depot ya Fanta Orange jamen


djkayke_ Ati hii ni 5million? Aki social media pressure inamaliza watu, kama huna kubali na uhustle, stop telling lies to remain relevant ama uonekane unaishi fiti.


The controversy over the house comes shortly after Ezra and his wife announced their pregnancy, adding another chapter of joy to their lives. Sharing the news on Instagram, Ezra expressed excitement about the impending arrival of their child.


“We are prepared to say goodbye to our freedom and sleep. And guess what, we are just so happy about it. Sweet pregnancy they call it! Best birthday gift ever,” he wrote, reflecting the couple’s anticipation and joy.


With optimism for the future, Ezra added, “Dreaming of a life with our baby 2024 is truly a year of blessings,” emphasising the significance of the forthcoming addition to their family.

“In this belly, beats the heart of our future because We’re not just expecting a baby, we’re expecting a lifetime of love,” he concluded, capturing the profound sense of hope and anticipation for the journey ahead.



Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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