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Joy as Embu man initiates comprehensive renovation of former primary school.

Kenjava Wakagoto Mwaniki, a proud alumnus of Njukiri Primary School in Embu, has embarked on a monumental endeavor to revamp his alma mater’s premises.


The impetus for this remarkable undertaking stemmed from a heartfelt appeal by the school’s headteacher, Peter Njue Kangangi, who reached out to Mwaniki for support in rejuvenating the institution.


Mwaniki disclosed this extraordinary act of generosity through a letter he shared on Facebook, expressing his eagerness to contribute to the school’s enhancement and outlining the specific areas his company would address.


“We take great pride in saying that our founder and director, Mr. Kenjava Wakagoto Mwaniki, is an alumnus of your school,” affirmed a statement from the company, highlighting Mwaniki’s deep ties to the Njukiri Sub-location, Maria-Mairi location.


Mwaniki’s company has committed to a comprehensive renovation plan, encompassing the refurbishment of ceramic tiling, construction of a new gate and ablution block, and installation of premium cabro on driveways and walkways.


Additionally, the initiative includes replacing worn windows and doors, leveling and landscaping the playground, applying fresh paint to all structures, and replacing iron sheets on the buildings.


Expressing profound gratitude, Headteacher Peter Njue Kangangi commended Mwaniki for promptly embracing the school’s appeal.


The renovations are poised to significantly enhance the learning environment for the students at Njukiiri Primary School, with Mwaniki emphasizing that it will become the first public primary school in Mt Kenya East, east, and central Africa to be paved using premium colored cabro.


“We have accepted the board’s request to intensively facelift the school’s infrastructures,” Mwaniki declared, anticipating that the transformation initiative will elevate the school’s stature to a national level, exemplifying the positive impact of alumni engagement.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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