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“Kiendacho kwa mganga hakirudi”,Fierce Paula warns Harmonize.

Actress Frida Kajala’s daughter Paula Kajala has fired a tough warning at Harmonize after he mentioned her in his war of words with her mother.For the better part of this week, Konde Boy has been spilling the beans on his past relationship with Kajala.


In a series of posts, Harmonize bitterly narrated all the bad things that happened while dating Kajala – painting her as the devil in that relationship.At one point he mentioned Paula Kajala saying she started talking to him back in 2017 even before he started dating her mother.


However, it can be remembered that Kajala dumped Harmonize after only two/three months of being in a romantic relationship after it emerged that he was seducing her daughter (Paula) while dating her.Things have escalated quickly and now Paula is firing warning shots at Harmonize- telling him to refrain from mentioning her name.


“Young Man continued smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol without mentioning my name.Leave me alone, please. Don’t involve me in your fight with whoever you have picked on, just remain there. I will embarrass you more. Please don’t touch me at all. I don’t want to disrespect you. Be warned! Please leave me alone,” Paula Kajala warned.


She added; “I will be going live on Instagram daily to show my mother (Frida Kajala) washing the Range Rover you gave her. Just know that “Kiendacho kwa Mganga hakirudi,” so deal with it.


In a quick rejoinder, Harmonize asked Paula not to run away from the conversation because she is also a person of interest.He went on to ask Paula and her mother to change the name of their Reality show from Behind the Gram’ to Konde show because of how often they discuss him on the show.


The star also accused Kajala of being materialistic concerning the time she allegedly took the logbook to the RANGE Rover he bought him without his knowledge.Just the other day, Kajala had described Harmonize as someone who is yet to move on after their breakup- prompting Konde to wash their dirty lines in public.

At one point Konde Boy alleged that Kajala has been camping at his gate trying to get him back. He says she even reached out to his mother to try and talk to him so that they could rekindle their lost love.He warned that if proven further he will leak messages and voice notes he received from Kajala begging him to take her back.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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