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‘Kwani kuna ya mtu imeibiwa?,’ Vera shades mum shamers as she jets out to USA again.

Vera Sidika has embarked on another spontaneous trip to the USA, specifically Los Angeles, as shared with her fans on Instagram.


In her post, she playfully mentioned her commitment to airplanes and anticipated a fun vacation.


However, Vera has faced criticism, particularly mom-shaming, for spending extended periods abroad, away from her two children.


To address the recurring criticism, she took a moment during her latest American trip to caution against mom shamers, humourously stating, “Million dollar P💰y!!! Translation: Kwani kuna ya mtu imeibiwa? 🤣🤣 The motherhood cops 👮‍♀️ y’all can start writing paragraphs 😂🤣 don’t forget the Pressure pills 💊☺️✈️🇺🇸 #LA.”


Vera has been subjected to comments from Kenyans on social media, expressing concerns about her parenting style and the absence of her children in her life during her frequent travels.


This time, she decided to address the criticism upfront, stating her right to live her life on her terms.


While some critics continue to express disapproval, others applaud Vera for living her best life and admire her unapologetic attitude.The comments section reflected a mix of opinions, with some urging her to enjoy her life and others expressing concerns about the potential impact on her children in the long run.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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