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Lady detained in Saudi Arabia arrives in Kenya , says her case was just a tip of the Iceberg.

Diana Chepkemoi, a 24-year-old Kenyan who was reported to have been detained in Saudi Arabia arrived back home on Tuesday. Chepkemoi was received by her mother Clara Chepkemoi at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), accompanied by Konin MP Brighton Yegon amongst other leaders and friends.

Shortly after checking out of the arrival terminal, Chepkemoi briefly narrated her ordeal while in the gulf country saying that her woes began the first day she arrived at her employer’s home.Chepkemoi added that she reported the matter to her travel agent, who turned a blind eye to her complains, giving her employer leeway to turn cruel to her.
“The first time I arrived there I had a problem with her. I reported the matter to my agent but instead of helping me he swept it under the rug and from there my boss knew he can do anything from me,” she said.

Chepkemoi further called on the government to intervene on the plight of migrant workers in the gulf nation, saying that it was only by luck that she managed to be “rescued”.The 24-year-old said that there are a number of other cases involving Kenyans who are being mistreated, most which are worse that what she went through.
“If I can just be honest, my case was just the tip of the iceberg people are suffering there. I plead with the government to do something, people there are being mentally tortured and its a shame being told that your government can do,” she said.

Her mother reiterated Chepkemoi’s plea to the government, saying that they are planning to appeal for a ban on labor export to Saudia.
“I request the government to stop this issue. “We’re going to implore total ban on labour export to Saudi Arabia,” she noted.

Photos of the 24-year-old surfaced online last week, where she looked emaciated, and reports emerged that her employer had detained her in the gulf country. The photos sparked uproar among Kenyans, who called for immediate action from relevant authorities to ensure she returns home. Chepkemoi travelled to Saudi Arabia in June 2021 in search of employment to help her family and raise school fees, after deferring her studies from the Meru University.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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