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‘Lazima ita-work’, Karen Nyamu hopeful of building happy polygamous family with Edday.

UDA-nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is hopeful of building a healthy and happy polygamous marriage with Mugithi singer Samidoh and his wife Edday Nderitu.


Karen while speaking in an interview with a local radio station maintained that this is not a situation of kicking either party out but bringing both families together.The mother of three says she has the best intentions and rubbished enduring tag implicating her as an “infamous homewrecker”.


“Mimi nina imani sana.. hata kama itachukua mwaka, itawork. Kwa sababu roho na intention is in the right place,” Karen said.


Loosely translated as “(I still have faith that it will work even if it takes a year. My heart and intentions are in the right place)”


While acknowledging that she might not have handled the situation well, Karen Nyamu said her hope is for both families to be happy.She said children from both families ought to feel the presence of their father and both she and Edday Nderitu need time with their husbands.


“There’s an ongoing conversation that makes me look like a bad person and that’s not the case. Things of the heart can be very spontaneous. I have tried solving this matter in vain. I have also tried breaking up with my baby daddy in vain. So what is there to do? I already have kids now. I hope things get better. I’m not giving up,” Nyamu said.


“It’s not a question of kicking either party out so that’s where the challenge is. It’s not an easy situation. It’s a sensitive situation that should be handled carefully. I know maybe I have not handled it well but it’s emotive and needs balance. It’s even harder since we are both public figures.”


The love triangle that has held netizens in a chokehold is currently troubled after Edday Nderitu publicly announced she would not engage in a polygamous marriage following Samidoh’s involvement with Karen Nyamu.Though,Edday later moved to the US with all her children in early May 2023 and has since enrolled the kids in a school in the US.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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