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Lost Your Drive? Discover How to Reignite Your Willpower.

We often have the best intentions and plans, yet end up not following through. Countless gym memberships expire unused each month, despite initial commitments to show up and exercise. Similarly, people often plan to save money, only to spend it at the slightest temptation.

In both cases, a lack of motivation prevents individuals from sticking to their goals. Motivation, whether internal (like thirst or the need for esteem) or external (such as the need for recognition), drives our actions. However, various reasons can cause a lapse in motivation.


How to Tell If You Are Unmotivated

Lack of motivation manifests in several ways: poor punctuality, procrastination, frequent absences from work with flimsy excuses, subpar performance, and general lethargy. This can stem from various causes. In the workplace, unclear vision, feeling unappreciated, or a toxic environment can diminish motivation. Personally, emotional upsets and stress can spill over, affecting performance in all areas of life.

Self-awareness is crucial to recognizing a lack of motivation and identifying its root cause. Understanding why you are unmotivated is the first step towards addressing it.


Finding the Root Cause

Non-performance due to lack of motivation can be attributed to personal and personality changes. It is important to look deeper and avoid dismissing non-performance as mere laziness. Daily routines, like going to work, are driven by underlying reasons. For instance, the desire to provide a better life for one’s children might drive daily efforts. Understanding the real reasons behind your actions, beyond financial gain, can help rekindle motivation.

Consider how important your goal is to you. Being compliant (meeting external requirements) differs from being disciplined (pursuing goals determinedly). For instance, students on scholarships might get good grades to comply with requirements, but those who strive for excellence independently are disciplined.


Solutions to Reignite Motivation

1. Self-Awareness: Understand what drives you and why you might be drifting from your goals. Knowing your destination and its importance can help you stay focused.

2. Positive Reinforcement: Reward yourself after completing tasks. Create a task list and celebrate your successes, whether with a favorite treat, a good book, or a favorite TV series.

3. Accountability Systems: Share your progress with an accountability partner. This could be a friend, a life coach, or a mentor. Life coaches can help you understand your motivations, while mentors can guide your growth and inspire you.

4. Emotional Health: Address emotional challenges promptly as they can hinder creativity and motivation. Maintaining emotional well-being is key to staying motivated and productive.

5. Time Management: Set clear goals with timelines, prioritize ruthlessly, avoid peer pressure, and keep working until you achieve your goals. Balance work with breaks to prevent burnout and fatigue.



Lack of motivation can derail even the best-laid plans. However, by understanding the root causes, rewarding yourself, creating accountability systems, maintaining emotional health, and managing your time effectively, you can regain your willpower and achieve your goals. Recognize the importance of your goals, stay disciplined, and keep pushing forward until you reach the finish line.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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