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Madness? Gospel singer Embarambamba’s skirt fascinates Kenyans online.

Eccentric Gospel artist Chris Embarambamba has stirred the internet with a photo of him dressed in a tiny beige miniskirt and doing a cheeky jig.


The singer, whose outlandish musical style and anomalous music have always fascinated Kenyans, is seen doing skittish moves as he attempts to imitate the mannerisms of a woman.


Dressed in red sneakers and a matching top, Embarambamba dances jovially as he replicates the idiosyncrasies which made him popular in the first place.


The singer, who is currently promoting his newest song, seems to have settled for his tried and tested gimmickry to draw an audience.Embarambamba’s previous release, ‘Nikuingize ndani’, similarly rattled the masses.


The Gospel jam was accompanied by a rather head-scratching music which featured the singer half-naked in the bush, serenading a lady draped in a white towel.


Many industry players as well as Kenyans online have blasted the Kisii singer for his outlandish stunts, while also asking him to drop the mischief.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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