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Moses Kuria tells off kenyans complaining over increased fuel prices: “Si Uchimbe Kisima Yako”

Investment, Trade, and Industry Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has slammed Kenyans lamenting over the rise in fuel prices.


During the official opening of the Agribusiness Trade Fair at the University of Eldoret, the CS asked Kenyans to stop complaining about everything. Additionally,Kuria defended the price review by the government, explaining that it was because the price of crude oil had risen globally.


“Sasa ukishinda kutoka asubuhi mpaka jioni, “bei ya mafuta imeongezeka.” Si uchimbe kisima yako! Dunia mzima tunajua bei ya crude oil imeenda juu na kama wale watu wa makelele wako na kisima mimi niko tayari kuchimba kesho. Nionyeshe boma yako niambie “chimba mafuta hapa ndio bei iteremke. (Now even if you complain the whole day that “fuel prices have gone up.” Ok dig your well. The whole world knows that the price of crude oil has gone up, and if those who make noise have a well, I am ready to dig one tomorrow. Show me your homestead an tell me “Dig for oil here, and the prices will drop),” he stated.


However, the CS took a dig at the Azimio and other opposition groups, observing that they complain over things the government has no control over. He stated that it was interesting that the same groups opposed the subsidised fertiliser program, which he said the government had control over.



”Kenya haitaendelea kwa kuweka sufuria kwa kichwa. Na hawa watu ni wa ajabu kila mambo tunaweza kufanya hawafanyi. Ili kujisajili wapewe fertiliser hawafanyi, ile hatuwezi kama mambo ya mafuta ndio wanalalamika. Sisi kwetu Ruiru tutaendelea na kufanya kazi kwa bidii. Mambo ya kulalamika kila siku haitakusaidia. (Kenya will not progress by banging pots on our heads. These people are strange; Everything we do, they don’t. To register for fertiliser, they don’t do it, and we can’t do anything about as oil prices they are complaining about. In our area, Ruiru, we will continue to work hard. Complaining every day will not help you),” he added.



In its latest review, the regulator increased the price of petrol by KSh 16.96, diesel by KSh 21.32 and kerosene by KSh 33.13 per litre. The cost of petrol will retail at KSh 211.64, diesel KSh 200.99 and kerosene KSh Sh202.61 per litre in Nairobi. EPRA noted the average landing costs of the three commodities increased after oil cuts by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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