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Nairobi Doctor Claims Walking Barefoot Reduces Chronic Diseases: “Dirt Recharges Bodies”

A doctor identified as Hamisi Kote Ali has advised people to walk barefoot as it prevents them from chronic illnesses, he tells people to reconnect with mother nature for healing.

In an interview, the medical practitioner gave an example of how he dealt with a back pain that had been a challenge to him.

“We come from mother nature, the ground, we are like a plant from mother nature and we cannot run away from it. I started developing low back pain and a time I travelled to Thailand I stayed with some monks I realized they don’t wear shoes most of the times and I was very curious to know why,” he explained.

Kote said he realized that whenever one puts their feet on the ground, they connect with mother nature. “Our body is filled with electrolytes, that whenever we put our feet on the ground, it’s like we recharge our body. All of us walk around with a lot of inflammation, put your feet down on the ground touch dirt, play with dirt and see most of the chronic pains and illness you have will disappear,” he said.

The doctor further claimed that shoes do not give people protection, thus he has been walking barefoot for two years.

“We used to pour ash on our toilets back in primary and we would go barefoot, what has changed? I don’t do this for anyone, I do it for myself, for my own health,” he added.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.