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“Nimepanda ngazi, mimi ndio Boss!,” Nyako takes on Jalang’o, Akothee in a battle for supremacy.

TikToker Nyako has once again made headlines for her outspoken views, this time during a live TikTok session.Known for her candid remarks, Nyako didn’t hold back as she listed Kenyan celebrities she believes have faded from the entertainment scene, while asserting her own prominence.


The mother of three, stated that she currently holds the title of the most popular Kenyan celebrity.


Nyako – I’m the real deal in Kenyan entertainment industry.


She reiterated her past stance, urging her followers to stop comparing her to other celebrities like singer Akothee.Nyako emphasised that it’s a fact she’s the reigning celebrity, and this time, she extended the comparison to include Langata MP Felix Odiwuor.


“I have climbed the ladder of being a Kenyan celebrity, and even if there are people who still can’t accept it, Nyako is the only Luo woman who became a celebrity while in abroad,” Nyako said.


Turning her attention to Jalang’o, Nyako promised to take on the former radio host and comedian.She shared her intentions to climb even higher in the entertainment ladder, vowing to overtake Jalas. She expressed her determination to challenge Jalas, who she claimed had belittled her in the past.


“Jalas ebu acha leo nikuchambe. le me sit you down. Uko hapo juu, i will come to ovretake you ukiona. I was so humble, i was just smiling. But that guy rubbished me. Alinikata kidogo kidogo akaniweka huko.”Watch the pace. We’re giving you another four years na tukuje na kura zetu. Ulinidiss, Jalas am coming for you. War is loading, nimenyamaza sana,” she said.


Nyako confidently asserted that she had surpassed Akothee in terms of popularity. She claimed to be the new Madam Boss in town, emphasising that wealth and material possessions aren’t the determinant for such a title.


According to Nyako, what truly matters is how celebrities impact society positively and bring hope and sanity.Nyako urged Kenyan celebrities to use their platforms to advocate for justice and the rights of ordinary citizens, rather than merely flaunting material possessions like expensive cars and gadgets.


“I’m even more popular than madam boss. I took over. I am the new madam boss in town. Na sina gari kubwa, ama mansion. You must not have money to be there. People will judge you, see how you behave, what can you bring on the table, vitu kama hizo,” she said.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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