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‘Nisipomzalia niite mbwa’ – Akothee vows to get pregnant for Omondi by all means.

Akothee has revealed that she would be getting baby number six who will be sired by her mzungu lover Omondi.The mother of five vowed to get pregnant for Omondi by all means, noting that she should be likened to a dog if she fails to be knocked up by her lover.
“Huyu nisipomzalia niite mbwa (Call me a dog if I don’t get pregnant for him),” Akothee wrote in a post on social media.


Akothee has five children who were sired by three different baby daddies of different nationalities – a Kenyan, a Frenchman and a Swiss.Her three daughters Vesha, Celly Rue and Prudence were fathered by her first husband Jared Okello while her sons Ojwang and Oyoo were sired by a Frenchman and a Swiss respectively.


In another post, Akothee chided women who are not smart to invest with the men they are dating. She bragged how Omosh and her were making smart investments together.
“Sis ukipiga maraudi kwa ma bar sisi tunazunguka hardware. Ukiomba iPhone 17 sisi tunanunua shamba (Sister when you are hopping from one bar to another we are hopping from one hardware to another. When you ask for iPhone 17 we are buying land),” Akothee wrote.


Akothee, in other posts on social media, showered Omondi with praises as she disclosed why she fell madly in love with him.
“Good morning kings and queens. You see the reason why Mr. Omondi captured my heart. He always wakes up before 5:00 in the morning, aah this God💪💪💪💪.. and that’s why I gave him the name Omondi,” Akothee wrote.


She also boasted that her new relationship had made her happier and made her more beautiful.
“But this white man of mine has made me beautiful and very happy, right, money, you are the soap of love. There is nothing sweeter than dating a man with his money. Sweet,” she wrote.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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