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“No good or bad swimmer!” Canada-based Kenyan woman drowns in a pool.

A Kenyan woman on Thursday drowned in a pool in Toronto, Canada, while live-streaming her swimming session on Facebook.The woman identified as Hellen Wendy, was reportedly working as a nurse in Toronto based on her Facebook profile which states she graduated from the Toronto Metropolitan University after studying oncology nursing at Pwani University.

In the live-stream, Wendy appears to be in high spirits as she swims from one side of the pool to other, regularly taking intervals after each circuit to respond to comments and answer questions fielded on her live-stream chat.Three minutes into the slightly over three-hour-long streaming Wendy moves towards the camera and states she is having the time of her life in the Justin Trudeau-led nation.
“How are you guys doing? Long time no see. Its 2:30pm here and I am just enjoying myself before summer comes to an end.How is life for you guys now that UDA won the elections?,” Wendy is heard saying.

However, she made subsequent trips from her side of the pool to the other but 10 minutes and 30 seconds, Wendy can be seen struggling to stay afloat after she seemingly strayed into the deep end of the pool.The deceased attempted to make a dash for the side of the pool but she began to slowly submerge. She can be heard gasping for air before her cries for help went silent.

Her body was discovered almost three hours later by two men who appeared to have had access to the said swimming pool. None of them imagined that Wendy was the one at the bottom of the pool.

“That looks so realistic, it scared the hell out of me but I think it’s a poodle. Does that freak you out or what?” one of the men can be heard asking his companion when he noticed Wendy’s corpse at the bottom of the pool.While the other man interjected noting that the unidentified object looked too realistic and similar to a human being and upon further inspection they discovered the deceased’s body, ferried to a local morgue pending postmortem.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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