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Octopizzo savagely claps back at Khaligraph Jones after he attacked him.

Number Nane Finest Henry Ohanga alias Octopizzo has fired back at his nemesis Khalihtaph Jones after he addressed their beef as far as Hip-Hop is concerned.


Speaking during a recent interview, Papa Jones explained that currently there is no need for him to continue beefing with Octopizzo.


However, he made it clear that no rapper can be compared to him in the Kenyan music industry- with an affirmation that Octopizzo can only beat him in a fashion competition.


At the same time, the OG explained that he respects Octopizzo and his craft.

“Octo maybe anishinde kuvaa nguo. He has clean pictures on social media; he’s a very good model. Octo anapiga modelling fiti sana, lakini kwa kurap haniwezi. But I respect him for his grind, I’ve seen his growth from Kibera,” Khaligraph Jones.


In a quick rejoinder, Octopizzo clapped back at Papa Jones with no chills.


“Naskia bado kuna fala flani aja Acha kunitaja taja kwa Ma interview… Unachokitafta utakipata very soon. Kunja kunja mdomo hio side ingine nani.

Acha nimalizane na waterfalls kwanza,” Octo said.


(I hear there is someone who is still mentioning me in interviews. You will get what you are looking for very soon.
Go and twang from the other side but for now, let me finish with the waterfalls first).


During the interview that got Octo’s attention, Khaligraph said that he has no problem or grudge against Octopizzo.He said that he has now reached the age of 33 and does not have time to beef with Octopizzo.


“That man has never liked me, you know there’s just someone you feel like you can’t love and you can’t blame them, you were just born that way,” he opined.


Before adding,
“I saw in an interview that he said that he doesn’t like the way I dress. I understand him because I don’t feel like I feel that way about anyone else, but I understand him because even if I were him, I wouldn’t like Khaligraph,” he said.


“I have no enmity with him, I don’t have that time if you see I have reached the age of 33, now things started in the past until now where and where…when I meet Octo I greet him ‘Niaje’. If he wants him to answer or not, I still greet him,” Khaligraph added.


However, Khaligraph also praised Octopizzo for having a great social media presence saying,


“He does a good job, he has very good social media pages. Octo is a very good model, and I respect him a lot for that work. The guy came from Kibera and I respect him a lot because he came from a very difficult environment but let’s leave the matter of who knows how to rap to better than the other,” Khaligraph said.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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