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Of Lesbians and Homosexuals, get to know the difference today!

LGBTQIA is an acronym that stands for different meaning in the queer culture. For most people who do not understand what LGBTQIA stands for; this means Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex and Asexual.

There are many different groups of the community that is not listed on the acronym that many people have no idea and there are some like pan sexual and non-binary that did not fit. Not to worry well be identifying each group with their definition and what it means for the people involved.

However, it is important to know this meaning in the world we live in today as this will show our appreciation of their sexuality; having knowledge on this different sexuality will show that we love them and accept them in our community if not lives.

Here are some of the different terms for defining a specific sexuality and what they mean;

Asexual: This is a person who does not feel any sexual attraction.
Ally: An ally is a person who is not a transgender or they are straight and they support the LGBTQIA community.
Bi-sexual: This is an umbrella term that means a person has sexual or emotional feelings towards more than one gender.
Bi-phobia: This is the fear of a person who identifies themselves as Bi- sexual.
Cis-gender (Non-Trans): This is a person who identifies themselves as the same sex they were at birth.
Coming out: This means when someone identifies themselves as a member of the LGBTQIA.
Dead naming: This means when a transgender person has changed their name and someone refers them to their birth name.
Gay: This means when a man is attracted to another man.
Gender Dysphoria: This means when someone feels unease due to a mismatch of their gender identity and their biological gender.
Heterosexual: This means to be straight or non- transgender, or someone that has emotional or sexual orientation towards the opposite sex.
Homosexual: This is just the same as being Gay.
Homophobia: This is the fear or dislike of persons who identify to have emotional orientation of the same sex gender. (Gay, Lesbian)
Intersex: This describes a person who has both biological attributes of sex. They identify themselves as female, male or non-binary.
Transgender: This is an umbrella that describe a person whose gender is not the same as the one assigned at birth.
Trans sexual: This term means a person who changed their gender to the opposite of the one assigned to birth.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.