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Orengo, Wamalwa reveal Azimio’s plans as Finance Bill 2023 heads to parliament

Democratic Alliance Party leader Eugene Wamalwa has revealed Azimio la Umoja’s next course of action should the Kenya Kwanza administration proceed with the controversial Finance Bill 2023 as it is.


Wamalwa who was speaking in Budalangi maintained that the Bill will overburden Kenyans at a time when inflation is high and as such it should not be passed in parliament.He noted that the opposition will pressure Kenya Kwanza into making revisions failure to which, protests would resume.


“The truth of the matter is this proposal you are bringing, that there is a 16% VAT on fuel, 3% housing levy, these things are against the law and they will hurt Kenyans,” said Wamalwa.


“If they will not have solved the VAT issue and other things that will hurt Kenyans then we will build pressure until they (government) comply,” he added.


“Are you ready to return to maandamano if they do not reduce the price of unga, fuel, electricity?” he posed to the crowd adding; “If you are ready then we are ready to stand behind Raila to challenge these people (government).” Wamalwa said during the homecoming of Budalangi MP, Raphael Wanjala.


Former Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya who also attended the event urged all Azimio lawmakers to stand with the public and reject the bill when it is tabled in parliament.


“Kenyans think that the Housing Levy is the only faulty issue in the Finance Bill. There are many other things in that Bill and we urge all Azimio leaders in the Senate and the National Assembly to make sure that that Bill does not pass. If it passes the problems Kenyans will face are a lot,” Oparanya said.

Speaking at a different event, Siaya Governor James Orengo also urged lawmakers to hear the plea of the public, noting that the arrogance of Kenya Kwanza lawmakers in imposing proposed taxes on Kenyans will plunge the Country into more problems.


“Kenyans who donated power to the MPS are pressed up with the many taxations and they are waiting to see if those they entrusted with positions abandon them during the hour of need.


“We shall remain glued on National television next week to see how those who abandoned Azimio Leader Raila Odinga will be debating on the finance bill adding that the MPs should put aside their interests and priorities Kenyans.” Orengo said.


The bill which seeks to expand Kenya’s tax base and allow Kenya Revenue Authority to collect more revenue will see the taxpayer dig deeper into the pocket with several taxes and deductions lined up.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.



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