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Pastor Ng’ang’a brutally attacks Wajackoyah for his Weed manifesto.

Neno Evangelism’s Pastor Ng’ang’a has brutally reacted to presidential aspirant Wajackoyah’s manifesto to legalize the use of Marijuana in the country.

During his manifesto launch two weeks ago, Wajackoyah also promised that he will be releasing all inmates arrested over weed possession were he to become the next president.In one of his recent preaching, the controversial man of God condemned Wajackoyah claiming he wants to bring curses to the young generations in the country.

However,Pastor Ng’ang’a said he would pray and his spiritual powers will fight the presidential aspirant for such plans for our country.
“I have the rights to speak, you will not bring curses in the country by killing our children for using Marijuana. I curse you, may you die before your time comes. Devil,” Ng’ang’a said as his congregation cheered him on.

He added; “I will not call for demonstrations or meetings to pray for such things, I will control from the skies. I will take control and my powers will fight you since you don’t care but we are sure you will care at some point.”

Various religious leaders have ganged up to fight Wajackoyah’s manifesto on weed legalization.A few days ago, Rev Tony Kiamah shared an open message to presidential candidate George Wajackoyah condemning his manifesto and Kiamah termed Wajackoyah’s manifesto as one which is demonic.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.