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Pastor Ng’ang’a reacts to Eric Omondi’s attack on gospel artists.

Controversial televangelist James Ng’ang’a has weighed in on the conversation where Eric Omondi is calling out gospel artists.


Pastor Ng’ang’a in a photo confessed to earlier disliking the comedian but was impressed by his recent remarks noting that the comedian can minister if he puts all jokes aside.

“Eric Omondi if you see this and repent, you can be a big preacher. Ukiacha sarakasi. Juu huyo ni nabii alikua anaongea ndani yako. Mimi sikua nakupenda lakini vile niliskia ukikemea waimbaji.. nimependa. You have a big ministry inside you but the devil has stolen you.

(Eric Omondi you can be a great preacher if you stop all comics. I didn’t like you that much but after your critic of gospel artists I loved it),” the clergyman stated.


Pastor Ng’ang’a however agreed with Omondi’s sentiments that the gospel industry had collapsed and was now known for scandals.

“Wale watu wamefanya hii kanisa imekua na zinaa mingi as you said ni top musicians, wakishaingia kwa top list kanisa uimbaji ya mungu inaisha wanaanza kuimba nyimbo za kawaida.

(Those that have made the church scandalous as you said are top musicians, once they are on top they start secular life), Pastor Ng’ang’a added.


Eric Omondi has in the past week put gospel singers on the spot accusing them of draining the ministry down despite previously being big in the music industry.


In his latest message to gospel musicians, Omondi called on the artists to get back to the ministry which they had been anointed to do.
“Your purpose and calling are to preach the gospel of Christ to the four corners of the earth. There is a mantle upon your head. There is an anointing in your life, and God is calling you to reach out to the nations,” Omondi said.


The controversial comedian further pointed out to the musicians that they have been called to take the word to the entire universe, not just their churches.
“God is not calling you to the church, but He is calling you to spread the gospel to the rest of the world,” he noted.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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