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“Payback?” Harmonize attacks Diamond and Rayvanny in his new Album.

Harmonize is throwing shade at his former boss Diamond Platnumz and Next Level Music President Rayvanny. He has released his album ‘Made For Us.’ His single, ‘My Way’ has made headlines as he shares his thoughts on his past life and all the wrangles he was involved in with former colleagues.It is a 14-track album and six of the songs are already released.


Talking about Diamond, Konde Boy said the WCB CEO was afraid he was flying higher than him.
“Even that brother of yours, I didn’t want to fight with him…He had pressure fearing that I would surpass him…I cannot satisfy everyone or do something because I fear people.”


Harmonize then threw shade at Rayvanny claiming that he was the one who leaked his private photos online.
“The guy from Mbeya (Rayvanny) shared my nudes and haters thought I’d take my life. Hell no, I’m stronger. Don’t teach me how to live, don’t tell me how to live my life.”


Previously, the singer said he wasn’t going to promote his album;
“No press conference, no media tour, no billboards, no listening party. I have done everything in the studio so no need for hype. one post maybe. I made this for you East Africa and everyone who speaks Swahili to the world.”


After the release of the album, the singer took to social media to address his fans;
“I DID THIS LIKE IM NOT DOING AGAIN( 3 )💿💿💿 (3) Years ❤️❤️❤️ Album out MIDNIGHT East Africa Time Yess MADE FOR US 💿 I made For You EAST AFRICA See You MIDNIGHT 🐘 Number 1. #Mwenyewe For the Hustler’s ONLY STAY CONNECTED 😮‍💨💨💨, ” he posted.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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