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Phil Karanja reveals one thing he adores about Kate Actress.

Celebrated filmmaker, Philip Karanja has revealed the one thing he loves about his wife, Kate Actress.

Speaking in an interview with SPMbuzz, Phil said he adores his wife’s self confidence. He says his wife is a courageous woman who wouldn’t let anything prevent her from doing anything.
“Her self confidence,” Phil said when asked about the most impressive thing he loves about Kate Actress.

Adding, “I think that’s the one thing I’ve really learnt. For her ,when she has an idea she jumps and goes to do what she wants and to be very honest that’s something I’ve heard to teach myself. And it has really helped that I have been close to her, watching how she moves. That’s the one thing that really impresses me about her like her self confidence is really on another level.”

However,Phil confessed that his wife really changed him saying that he had self esteem issues growing up.He went on to mention Abel and Njugush as people within his circle whose self confidence is over the roof.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.