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Police should wear body cameras for govt to monitor what they’re doing – Shollei.

Uasin Gishu Woman Representative Gladys Boss Shollei now says police should wear body cameras so that they can be monitored while interacting with members of the public.


Speaking on an interview on Monday, Shollei said some police officers receive bribes and sometimes they delay producing suspects in court.
“Police are the ones bringing remandees to court and sometimes they delay or they are bribed…”That can be cured by ensuring that police officers wear body cameras so that they can be monitored to see what they are doing at all times when they are interacting with the members of the public…”That is where the country should go to deal with rogue police officers delaying or sabotaging the dispensation of justice,” she stated.


Shollei further said during her tenure at the Judiciary as Chief Registrar she introduced Faini Chap Chap which helped increase revenue generated from traffic offences ten-fold.
“We established Kibera and Milimani law courts to deal with traffic offences. We introduced Faini Chap Chap which increased money obtained from traffic offences from Ksh50,000 to Ksh500,000 per day…”Money had to be paid directly to the court instead of being paid to police officers,” she added.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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