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President Ruto Bows to Public Pressure, Declines to Sign Finance Bill 2024.

President William Ruto succumbed to mounting public pressure, announcing on Wednesday that he would not sign the contentious Finance Bill 2024.

This decision follows a week of protests across the country, primarily led by Kenyan youth who claim the punitive tax proposals will burden an already stretched population.

President Ruto, speaking at the State House and flanked by allied members of parliament, said that after listening to Kenyans who overwhelmingly rejected the Bill, he would not sign it into law.

“Having reflected on the continuing conversation around the Finance Bill, and listening to the Kenyan people who say they want nothing to do with this Bill, I concede,” President Ruto said.

“Therefore, I will not sign the Finance Bill 2024, and it shall be subsequently withdrawn. I have agreed with these members that this shall become our position.”

President Ruto also stated that he would engage Kenyan youth on Sunday to hear their perspectives and concerns. He emphasized that moving forward, Kenya will need to engage in a multi-sectoral conversation about the public debt and the country’s future.

During his address, President Ruto called for immediate austerity measures to reduce spending. He stated that this would begin with the presidency and then extend to the executive branch of government.

On Thursday, Ruto directed a reduction in expenditures in the executive branch of government, including the elimination of confidential costs, travel expenses, hospitality, motor vehicle purchases, and renovations, among others.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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