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President Ruto Waives Ksh 171 Million Coffee Debt, Boosting Embu County Farmers.

In a landmark decision set to rejuvenate the coffee industry in Embu County, His Excellency President William Samoei Ruto has announced a substantial waiver of coffee loans. The total waiver for Embu County amounts to an impressive Ksh 171 million, which was owed to the Commodities Fund by the local coffee mill.

This move has been met with widespread gratitude from Embu’s coffee farmers, who view the waiver as a much-needed relief from the financial burdens that have long hindered their operations. The debt forgiveness will provide these farmers with a fresh start, enabling them to invest more in their farms, improve coffee quality, and increase production.

The waiver is part of a broader initiative by President Ruto to support the agricultural sector, particularly coffee farming, which has faced numerous challenges over the years. By alleviating the debt, the government aims to boost the profitability and sustainability of coffee farming in Embu County and other regions.

Local officials and farmers alike have expressed their appreciation for the President’s intervention. “This gesture by H.E. President Ruto is a new lease of life for our coffee farmers,” said a representative from the Embu County government. “It is a significant step towards restoring the glory of our coffee industry and ensuring that our farmers can thrive.”

As Embu County embarks on this new chapter, the community remains optimistic about the future of coffee farming. With the financial burden lifted, farmers are now better positioned to focus on enhancing their production techniques, expanding their market reach, and ultimately contributing to the county’s economic growth.

President Ruto’s waiver is not just a financial relief; it symbolizes a renewed commitment to the prosperity of Embu County’s agricultural sector, setting a precedent for support and development in other regions as well.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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