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Ruto to Open Dialogue: Sec Gen Malala Plans Meeting with Gen Z Protesters.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA), through Secretary General Cleophas Malala, announced on Sunday that a meeting will be facilitated between President William Ruto and Gen Z protesters. This announcement came shortly after President Ruto expressed his openness to dialogue with the demonstrators.

Previously dismissive of the youth protests against the Finance Bill 2024, which aims to increase annual taxes by Ksh300 billion, the ruling party has now had a change of heart.

“You have seen Gen-Z in Nairobi, and they have come out in numbers. I want to say they have a point,” Malala stated, indicating his change of stance. “As Secretary General of UDA, I believe those Gen Zs should be given an opportunity to sit with the President because he is the Head of State because of them,” he added.

Malala emphasized the importance of allowing the youth to air their grievances, remarking that President William Ruto would listen to the youth and address their concerns during the planned meeting.

Additionally, Malala urged Inspector General Japhet Koome to ensure that the youth are not harassed during peaceful demonstrations. “We should respect them and listen to them. Police should not start killing or shooting those young people,” he stated.

While the exact date of the meeting has not been set, Malala mentioned that he is looking for an opportune moment to organize it.

On Sunday, speaking in Nyahururu, President Ruto expressed his admiration for the youth opposing the Finance Bill prepared by his administration. Calling for an end to the demonstrations, he assured that he has the interests of Gen Z at heart and is committed to resolving the issues raised amicably.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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