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Stop being a crybaby, will you die?’ Vera Sidika ruthlessly tears into Corazon Kwamboka.

Vera Sidika and Corazon Kwamboka are embroiled in a vicious beef that began six years ago but has only currently gained steam.The whole drama started after Corazon took a swipe at Vera while speaking during an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve.

The mother of two revealed that the Mombasa-based socialite blocked her on Instagram six years ago for reasons unknown to her.
“I saw a few comments like that and it’s crazy stupid. First of all, I don’t check her [Vera’] page for some reason I am blocked I don’t know why coz we’ve never interacted but that I knew from many years ago sijui kama labda sahi ameni unblock but I don’t bother. Tujawai interact na yeye in that level of… I’ve met her and that was years back, like maybe six years ago so I don’t know why [she blocked me],” she explained.

However,Vera slammed Corazon in a quick rejoinde and she took to her Instagram account to jot down a hard-hitting response to her critic.The mother of one noted that she blocked Corazon for a reason, stressing that everyone she has ever blocked knows exactly what they did.
“By the way, I do not block people for no reason. Everyone blocked knows the exact reason why!! You come to my DM writing paragraphs of bullshit while I mind my business. I won’t respond. Utakula block roho safi. You straight-up directly hate for no reason. I’ll block you to save you some energy. Maybe having access to my page sparks hate. So I’ll save you the trouble and block,” Vera wrote.

The Mombasa-based socialite further called on Corazon to get over being blocked,she implored her to stop being a crybaby and move on with her life, stressing that being blocked is not a death sentence.
“What’s funny is that they will still open fake accounts to watch every move while running around being cry babies ati they’ve been blocked. Will you die?? Is block a death sentence. People who really don’t care about being blocked won’t even bother mentioning they are blocked. That’s irrelevant and they keep it moving but maybe it hurts like a b*tch that’s why they will always talk about it,” Vera Sidika wrote.

Article By Suzy Nyongesa.