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‘Tanzania wamewachapa kama watoto,’Eric Omondi sparks controversy as he lectures Khaligraph and Nadia Mukami.

Popular comedian Eric Omondi voiced his frustration with the Kenyan music industry, specifically targeting artists for their lackluster music production.The comedian criticized the quality of mixing, mastering, and video shoots, claiming that Tanzanian and Nigerian artists have dominated the industry by delivering superior content.


Omondi accused Kenyan artists, including Khaligraph Jones, KRG the Don, and Willy Paul, of producing subpar videos that fail to meet the competitive market’s standards.


”Hatuna time ya kubembeleza wanaume wenye wako lazy wamelala, nimepigania wasanii hawanisaidi, nimeenda parliament nimekula teargas, munatuaibisha, Tanzania wamewachapa kama watoto, Nigeria wamekuja kwa nyumba yenu wanachukua pesa, hamskii, mnafanya video shoddy khaligragh unafanya video kwa parking lot, nikaa umekuwa bouncer.”


Omondi, known for his activist endeavors, expressed disappointment in the laziness displayed by local artists, which he believed was tarnishing the reputation of the entire Kenyan entertainment industry.


”The reason ya hii video by the way is just to show you, mimi si musician by the way, its just to show you how 3.8 million video should look.”


Determined to prove a point, despite not being a musician himself, Omondi announced his decision to invest Sh3.8 million Kenyan shillings into a music video that would exemplify top-notch production quality.


”Nataka kuwaonyesha how its done, nimesacrifice pesa yangu, nataka kufanya video moja kuwaonyesha what you are supposed to do, what wizkid does, ni nini davido anawashindia nayo? Nafanya video hata chris brown hawezi fanya, nimetoa 3.8 million kufanya hii video na nimechukua the best talent in kenya”

Drawing comparisons to global sensations like Wizkid, Davido, and Chris Brown, he aimed to demonstrate how a proper music video should be done. Omondi concluded his announcement by revealing that the video would feature socialite Amber Ray and would be released on Friday.


”Hii itaingia hadi nigeria this is grammy award content,ngoma inaitwa p***sie tuwaonyeshe nyinyi you are pu***sies, KRG you are a p***sie, Willy paul you are a p****sie”


However, Omondi’s criticism did not sit well with some of the artists he mentioned.Rapper Khaligraph Jones responded in the comments section, urging Omondi to focus on one cause if he wanted to be taken seriously.Khaligraph praised Omondi’s previous efforts in spearheading important agendas but questioned his motive for clout chasing and shifting his stance.


On the other hand, Singer Nadia Mukami also expressed her disappointment in Omondi’s inconsistency. She initially supported his clear vision and statements but felt let down by his ever-changing tune. Mukami emphasized the importance of artists being steadfast and taking a unified stand, highlighting the negative impact of clout chasing on the industry’s growth and credibility. She urged Omondi to pick a side and criticized his wavering stance, asserting that it hindered the industry’s progress.


”This Friday at 10am we will show the INDUSTRY what a 3.8 Million Video looks like. We have done a Song with @iam_amberay just to show the Industry how it’s done #P*SSIES” Eric captioned the post.


The clash between Omondi and the criticized artists showcases the underlying tensions within the Kenyan music industry. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether Omondi’s extravagant music video will deliver the intended impact and address the issues he raised or if it will further polarize the industry.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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