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“Tech Wizard Maloba Seeks Rehab: Political Figures Applaud Efforts Against Alcoholism”.

Martin Njega, popularly known as Maloba in the tech world, has taken a significant step towards addressing his battle with alcoholism. He recently entered the Cynerd Rehabilitation Centre at Mutunduri, seeking assistance to overcome his addiction.


Njega’s struggle with alcoholism has been ongoing, prompting him to reach out to Honorable Gitonga Mukunji for support in gaining admission to the rehabilitation facility. Mukunji responded affirmatively to Njega’s plea, emphasizing the importance of seeking help and addressing addiction within the community.


In a related development, Mukunji also expressed admiration for Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s efforts in combatting illicit alcohol. Gachagua’s initiatives in the fight against illegal alcohol have garnered recognition and support from political figures like Mukunji, highlighting a collective effort to tackle substance abuse in the region.


Njega’s decision to seek rehabilitation underscores the challenges individuals face in confronting addiction. His courage in acknowledging his struggle and taking proactive steps towards recovery serves as an inspiration to others grappling with similar issues.


As Njega embarks on his journey towards healing, his story emphasizes the significance of community support and political advocacy in addressing addiction. With leaders like Mukunji and Gachagua championing efforts to combat substance abuse, individuals like Njega receive the encouragement and resources needed to overcome their challenges.


Njega’s admission to the rehabilitation center marks a pivotal moment in his life and underscores the importance of prioritizing mental and physical well-being. Through his journey, he exemplifies resilience and determination, offering hope to others struggling with addiction that recovery is possible with support and determination.


As Njega navigates through the rehabilitation process, his story serves as a reminder of the strength found in vulnerability and the transformative power of seeking help. In a society where addiction is often stigmatized, Njega’s openness about his struggle paves the way for greater understanding and compassion towards those facing similar battles.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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