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‘They just started insulting me for no reason!’ Shocked Willy Paul narrates.

Willy Paul wasn’t a happy camper yesterday night after he encountered some people who he claimed insulted him at a certain petrol station.The ‘Njiwa’ singer alleged that the occupants of the car had hurled epithets at him while recording him.


“The owner of this car found me when I parked my car at the Rubis gas station, they took out a camera and started recording, insulting me for no reason. They called me all the names because they knew I was in public, and I wouldn’t do anything.


He went on to say that people who knew him understood that he was a chilled-out individual and as such wouldn’t retaliate.


“If you know me, then you know very well that I don’t do anything wrong with anyone.”


He further said that he is waiting for the video clip to be uploaded as he got them dead to rights……”My message to these people is that I have everything about them, so we are waiting for you to upload the video on the internet.”


Additionally, Willy Paul later reposted a more positive photo of him driving a car that had been shot by a gleeful fan in another car.The musician’s caption expressed his joy that despite the earlier travails he still had people who loved and celebrated him.


“Got no time for haters coz the love I get is too much out there,” the smiling singer wrote.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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