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‘Umeona tu unitusi na haujawahi tusi wengine,’ Martha Hinga cries foul as Samidoh insults her.

Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki popularly known as Samidoh lost his cool and insulted blogger Martha Hinga.The faceless blogger, who is a real terror to married Kikuyu celebs who are cheating on their spouses, clashed with Samidoh after she shared throwback photos of the singer and his wife Edday Nderitu while they were still ashy and presumably broke.


Hinga said that they felt like crying when looking at the old photos of Samidoh and Edday, adding that a woman could mould a man until he becomes famous only for the man to dump her and look for a ‘better option’.


“This picture made me shed tears. Yaani unamould mwanaume from scratch akishaakuwa famous anatafuta “A better option”,” Martha Hinga captioned the photo.


Unfortunately,Martha Hinga’s post rubbed Samidoh the wrong way. He was particularly pissed by a photo purporting to show his former sitting room which was covered with several mosquito-like nets and white seat covers.Samidoh fired at the faceless blogger saying he has never had a sitting room that looks like the photo Hinga shared.


“Sijawahi kuwa na nyumba kama hiyo yenye imetandikwa vitambaa. Na ata kukiwa na options, si unaona bado anakaa vizuri kukushinda? You have become a very stupid person,” Samidoh wrote.


Martha Hinga was irked by Samidoh’s savage response and she wondered why the musician insulted him yet he had not reprimanded other gossip sites that talk about him.


“Samidoh yaani umeona tu unitusi na haujawahi tusi akina Tuko, Mwago wa Mugikuyu, etc. Ti uhoro,” Martha Hinga wrote.

On the other hand,Martha Hinga in late February advised Edday to move on with her life after she got devastated by her husband’s reunion with his baby mama Karen Nyamu.Edday penned an emotional message through her Facebook page suggesting that she would walk out of her marriage as she stressed that she couldn’t raise her children in a polygamous setting.


The blogger advised Samidoh’s wife to emulate Keziah Wa Kariuki who went through a similar ordeal with her ex-husband a few years ago.Martha Hinga posted on her Facebook page talking about Keziah who left Kiengei to start her own life as a single mother when her ex-husband brought his current wife into the picture.


Edday in a quick rejoinder told Martha Hinga that she was taking notes and that she would consider the advice given to her.


Article By Suzy Nyongesa.


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